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What can you do to help?

Stop drinking out of plastic water botles

Plastic water bottles take a long time to break down in the ocean and you only them once. 

Instead, use metal water bottles that you can use over and over again.

Image by Jonathan Chng

Only use recycled plastic

Really try and avoid plastic but if you have to use it then make sure it can be recycled by looking at the little symbol on there and putting it in the recycle bin. 

Image by Sigmund

Pick up trash and recycle

If you don't pick it up it'll eventually end up in the ocean so pick it up so it can be recycled.

Kid Picking Up Trash In Park

Support companies trying to help

There are companies that are trying to help. For example, there's a cool company thats making pods that can hold water and be swallowed even the outside bit. Check out the video below

Water Samples

Another way would be to use less waterbottles! This video shows you how in the future you might be able to eat water bubbles.

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