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What is the great garbage patch?

 The great garbage patch is twice the size of Texas. It is made up of floating bits of trash which is mostly plastic.The plastic gets into the water when people litter. The litter goes into streams which then flow out to the ocean. In the Ocean the currents from Asia pull the trash toward America. Then the trash in America gets pulled toward Asia. This causes the trash to meet up and form giant garbage patches. 


Not only is it messy but it takes a long for the plastic to break down than the plastic breaks into little bits and these little bits end up being eaten by fish. The fish then get eaten by humans and birds. Almost everyone in the world has little bits of plastic in them. 

About 20 percent of the trash blew off ships. The rest of it started out on lakes and rivers. If it were not for good people 

Where is the garbage patch?


There are lots of garbage patches but the biggest are in the Pacific Ocean. The biggest are between U.S.A and Asia

Plastic Polluted Ocean
3 reasons you should care!
1. The problem is getting worse, so we need to act soon! 
2. Its hurting animals who eat the trash and then it can kill them!
3. We eat these animals, then it hurts us by putting tiny bits of plastic in our bodies! 

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